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Diving CV 1988 - today

I started diving in Hurghada in 1988. After the first dive it was clear to me: that`s it! In the period that followed, I traveled to Egypt several times a year to complete further diving courses. In 1990 I acquired my diving instructor license. So from the start I was enthralled by the richness of tropical seas, traveling to the Red Sea, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean before I also came to appreciate the charm of the Mediterranean and cold local waters. My favorite destinations are still in the tropics: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Palau. Because what could be more beautiful than a colorfully covered steep face?!

Family history 1996 - today

It was the “Boot” fair - the beginning of my family. There I met my partner and husband, Gerald Nowak. Since then I have been with him through thick and thin. Today we are a happy couple that stands by each other and looks positively into the future together.

Writer CV 1998 – today

I loved writing at school, but it wasn't until I started my own business with my husband that writing became a career. I have written and am still writing countless texts, stories, reports and features for German and international diving, travel, outdoor and cultural media.

Photographic CV 2016 - today

Taking photos underwater was never on my bucketlist. My husband should take the pictures, I just wanted to enjoy diving. However, when I was offered a press trip to Indonesia in 2016 and I didn't have a photographer to support me, my husband told me: "Take the small waterproof camera with you, if you feel like it, take it with you under water and take a few pictures and if the camera sinks, it doesn't matter."

Said and done. I followed the instructions exactly in the order. Even though the camera was broken afterwards, it still caused me to catch the “underwater photography” bug. Little by little, the underwater cameras got bigger and I got hooked on the technology. I now also love wide-angle photography and can no longer imagine diving without a camera.

Partners & Friends